"...to have an idea, to have power, to have flight, that's what Ognian Yanakiev is looking for."

Bojidara Dimova, n. "Sh. Zaria" 203/1998

"The preparation of the exposition to be held in the home museum "Vella Piskova" in Shoumen has been perfectly arranged by the artist Ognian Yanakiev."

Luben Chalukov, n. "Rodolubie" 12/1989

"Again, we are given beauty with form and color by the sculptor Ognian Yanakiev in the Elena Karamichailova Art Gallery in Shoumen. Ole! Bullfight-Ogi, Mummer, Horn, Oracle, Eros I and II. This is the second time Ognian has surprised and fascinated with the exotic atmosphere of his new sculptures."

Svetlin Plamenov, n. "Sh. Zaria" 114/1995

"Ogi's small sculptures are more than gallery feelings! They conquer the views with their dramitism of ideas and categorical expression. The strength of composition is added from detailed symbols in order to actualize the everlasting themes. The sparkling bronze luster harmonizes with the muted patina lirizm to create the artist's world."

n. "Narodno Delo" 270/1995